Benjamin Elizalde

I joined Microsoft in January 2021 :smile:. Before I received a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University specializing in Machine Learning for Audio Signal Processing, supervised by Prof. Bhiksha Raj and Prof. Ian Lane. Previously, I worked as a Staff Researcher at ICSI - UC Berkeley in the Audio & Multimedia Lab. I received my masters and undergrad degrees from ITESM.

My research focuses on Acoustic Intelligence, Audio Analytics and Sound Understanding.


Nov 12, 2022 We released our CLAP code:
Nov 1, 2022 We got accepted our proposal to organize a Special Session in ICASSP 2023 called “Synergy between human and machine approaches to sound/scene recognition and processing”.
Dec 9, 2021 Won second place on the Microsoft Hackathon 2021 - Democratizing AI and Machine Learning. :bowtie:
Dec 3, 2021 Presented with Dimitra E. our poster on “Audio-based spam call detection” at Acoustic Society of America Meeting 2021. :star: